Raymond Error Code List

I've got you covered with Raymond error codes. Look out for C28 indicating self-test failure. For issues with the electric brake coil driver, watch out for code C66. And keep Error 44 in mind for order picker units. Handling these codes efficiently is key for smooth equipment operation. If you want to uncover more about troubleshooting Raymond equipment, exploring these common error codes is just the beginning.

Key Takeaways

  • Error code C28 indicates self-test failure; check battery connections and motor, seek professional help when needed.
  • Troubleshoot C66 by inspecting wiring, measuring coil resistance, and checking connectors for Order Picker units.
  • Regular maintenance prevents Raymond error codes, like C28 and C66, ensuring pallet jack and truck functionality.
  • Update passwords regularly for enhanced truck security; avoid default passwords and use complex combinations.
  • Speed limitation on order pickers enhances safety by preventing tip-overs, promoting control, and reducing accidents in warehouses.

Common Raymond Error Codes

When encountering common Raymond error codes, understanding their meanings and troubleshooting steps is essential for maintaining electric pallet jack functionality. One prevalent error code on Raymond Standup Models is C28, indicating a self-test failure that may signal underlying mechanical issues.

To address this, checking battery connections, inspecting wiring, testing motor functionality, and clearing the error code are recommended troubleshooting steps. Regular maintenance can help prevent the occurrence of code C28 on both Toyota and Raymond electric pallet jacks.

For complex issues related to this error code, seeking professional assistance is advisable to guarantee proper diagnosis and resolution. Promptly understanding and addressing error code C28 is critical for sustaining top-notch electric pallet jack performance and reducing downtime.

Troubleshooting Electric Brake Coil Driver (C66)

To troubleshoot error code C66 related to the electric brake coil driver, inspecting for a broken wire near the brake and testing the brake coil resistance are common initial steps.

  • Look for any signs of physical damage or wear on the wiring near the brake assembly.
  • Use a multimeter to measure the resistance of the brake coil to determine if it falls within the expected range.
  • Check the connectors for any corrosion or loose connections that could be affecting the brake coil driver's operation.

Addressing these issues promptly can help resolve the error, ensuring the electric brake coil driver functions correctly and prevents the C66 error from being activated while the lift truck is in use.

Addressing Error 44 on Order Picker Units

When troubleshooting Error 44 on Raymond Order Picker units, a thorough examination of electrical connections, control panel inspection, and sensor testing are essential steps in resolving the issue efficiently.

Error 44, commonly associated with electrical faults in Raymond Order Picker units, can recur even after being cleared at the customer site. Prompt attention to error codes like 44 can prevent downtime and guarantee smooth operation of the Order Picker, specifically the Standup Model 4100/4200.

This error may indicate that Deadman (S2) is activated, requiring immediate intervention to prevent further issues. Regular maintenance and quick troubleshooting can help prevent the reoccurrence of Error 44, maintaining peak performance of the Order Picker unit.

Importance of Password Updates for Security

Regularly updating passwords is essential for enhancing the security of Order Picker Reach Trucks and minimizing the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive truck settings. Implementing this practice helps mitigate security vulnerabilities and protect the integrity of truck operations.

To guarantee maximum security, it's vital to:

  • Avoid using default passwords, which can leave trucks susceptible to potential breaches.
  • Create unique and complex passwords that are difficult for unauthorized users to guess.
  • Change passwords periodically to reduce the likelihood of security breaches and adhere to best practices for password management.

Safety Benefits of Speed Limitation on Order Pickers

Enhancing warehouse safety and operator protection, speed limitation on order pickers plays a critical role in minimizing accidents and promoting secure maneuvering. This safety feature is activated to reduce the risk of collisions and promoting safe operation, particularly when moving through busy warehouse environments.

By automatically slowing down the lifttruck when the steering wheel is turned beyond 10 degrees with the platform raised, this technology enhances operator safety by preventing tip-overs and instability during maneuvers. The speed restrictions based on steer angle help maintain control and stability, especially in narrow aisles or congested areas where precision is vital.

Adhering to these speed limitations is essential for creating a secure work environment and preventing potential injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Code 51 on a Raymond Order Picker?

Code 51 on a Raymond Order Picker indicates lift motor overheating. It's a safety feature limiting lift operation to prevent damage. Overloading or mechanical issues can trigger it. Resolving the cause is essential for normal operations.

What Is Error Code 8L on Raymond Order Picker?

Error Code 8L on a Raymond Order Picker indicates a lift motor circuit fault. Troubleshooting involves checking wiring, testing motor functionality, and clearing the error code promptly. Addressing Code 8L guarantees smooth order picker operation and prevents disruptions.

What Is the Code G2 on a Raymond Order Picker?

When troubleshooting G2 code errors on a Raymond Order Picker, verify the operator's correct positioning before retrying the lift/lower function. Understanding order picker maintenance helps prevent G2 occurrences. Safety protocols are essential.

What Is the Code FH on a Raymond Order Picker?

Code FH on a Raymond Order Picker signals a hydraulic system fault. This issue often stems from low fluid levels or pump problems. Understanding Raymond error codes streamlines troubleshooting for technicians, ensuring swift and effective resolution.


In summary, understanding common Raymond error codes is essential for troubleshooting electric brake coil driver issues. Addressing error 44 on order picker units and updating passwords for security are also crucial tasks. Implementing speed limitations for safety is another key aspect of maintaining a smooth and efficient operation.

By staying informed and proactive in addressing these issues, businesses can guarantee their Raymond equipment is running at peak levels while prioritizing safety and security.