Pit Boss Error Code List

Guiding Pit Boss grills, I can help with error codes Er1, Er2, ErH, ErP, Nop, and 4P1. Er1, Err, or ErL indicates probe troubles, often from dirt. Er2? Inspect hopper, auger, or ignition. ErH overheating suggests various issues. ErP highlights improper shutdown, usually from power problems. Nop guarantees meat probe functionality. Grill 4P1 error? Secure the probe! Remember, proper maintenance is key for accurate readings. Curious about more error codes and troubleshooting tips? Explore the diverse Pit Boss Error Code List for detailed guidance.

Key Takeaways

  • Er1, Err, ErL codes indicate temperature probe malfunctions.
  • Er2 signifies hopper, auger, or ignition rod issues.
  • ErH warns of overheating problems.
  • ErP indicates improper shutdown.
  • Nop code relates to meat probe errors.

Common Pit Boss Temperature Probe Errors

When encountering Pit Boss error codes Er1, Err, or ErL, it often signifies temperature probe malfunctions. These codes indicate issues with the temperature probe, which can result from dirt buildup affecting accuracy.

Cleaning the temperature probe can often resolve these errors. If cleaning doesn't fix the problem, replacing the temperature probe may be necessary to guarantee accurate temperature readings.

Properly functioning temperature probes are essential for the grill to operate correctly and provide precise cooking results. If troubleshooting the temperature probe doesn't solve the issue, contacting Pit Boss customer care for further assistance is recommended to address any persistent errors related to temperature probe malfunctions.

Pit Boss Error Code Er2

To address Pit Boss Error Code Er2, check for issues with the hopper, auger, or ignition rod that may be causing ignition failure to boost temperature above 160C in 30 minutes.

The Error Code Er2 signifies a failure in igniting the pellets efficiently to reach the desired smoker temperature. Auger blockages, motor failures, or a faulty Hot Rod could be the culprits triggering this error.

Ensuring the components are free of blockages, the motor is functioning correctly, and replacing the Hot Rod if needed can help resolve the Er2 issue. Maintaining the ignition system's proper operation is essential for the Pit Boss smoker to function at its best, as ignoring this error may impede reaching the desired cooking temperature.

Pit Boss Error Code ErH

Experiencing Pit Boss Error Code ErH indicates that the unit is facing overheating issues due to various factors. This ErH error can arise from problems with the grill temperature probe, excess fuel, or a grease fire. To address this, start by clearing ashes, cleaning the interior, and checking connections. Confirm all connections are secure and free from debris.

Additionally, cleaning the firepot, hopper, and auger can help prevent the error from reoccurring. Failing to resolve the ErH error promptly may lead to the grill shutting down unexpectedly. Regular maintenance and attention to these components can help maintain peak performance and prevent overheating issues.

Pit Boss Error Code ErP

The Pit Boss Error Code ErP indicates an improper shutdown of the smoker, often caused by power outages or incorrect shutdown procedures. To resolve the ErP error, simply turn off the smoker, wait for a short period, and then restart it.

Following the correct shutdown procedure can prevent the recurring appearance of the ErP error code. This error is quite common and can be easily managed with appropriate power management techniques.

Pit Boss Error Code Nop

When troubleshooting the Pit Boss Error Code Nop, confirm proper insertion and inspection of the meat probe to address potential issues effectively.

The noP error code specifically relates to problems with the meat probe on Pit Boss grills. If damage is detected during inspection, replacement of the meat probe may be necessary to resolve the error.

Regular cleaning of the meat probe after each use is essential in maintaining its functionality and ensuring accurate temperature readings.

Pit Boss Grill 4P1 Error

To troubleshoot the Pit Boss Grill 4P1 Error, make sure the meat probe is securely connected and free from damage. The Pit Boss grill 4P1 error code typically indicates an issue with the meat probe, which can arise if it's disconnected or damaged.

Resolving this error involves checking the connection of the meat probe. If the problem persists, replacing the meat probe may be necessary. Ensuring proper maintenance of the meat probe is essential for accurate temperature readings during cooking.

Pit Boss Error Code List PDF

Upon encountering the Pit Boss Grill 4P1 Error, users can refer to the detailed Error Code List PDF provided by Pit Boss for thorough troubleshooting guidance. This PDF includes in-depth explanations of various error codes related to the Pit Boss grill, control probe, temperature, pellet issues, and more.

By checking the Error Code List PDF, users can swiftly identify the specific problem indicated by the error code displayed on their grill. This resource aids in efficiently maintaining and resolving any issues that may arise with the Pit Boss grill.

Accessing the Error Code List PDF is instrumental in understanding and addressing common errors, ensuring a smooth grilling experience without prolonged interruptions.

Universal Pit Boss Error Codes

Universal Pit Boss error codes, such as ErH, ErP, Er1, noP, and Er2, are commonly encountered across various Pit Boss grill models. These codes serve as indicators of specific issues within the grill system, aiding in troubleshooting and maintenance.

Here are key insights into these universal Pit Boss error codes:

  1. ErH: Indicates a problem with the temperature sensor.
  2. ErP: Signals an auger blockage preventing proper pellet feed.
  3. Er1: Points to a malfunction in the control board.
  4. noP: Shows a shutdown error due to temperature irregularities.

Understanding these error codes is essential for effectively addressing issues that may arise during the operation of Pit Boss grills. Familiarity with these codes streamlines the troubleshooting process, ensuring efficient resolution and peak grill performance.

Additional SmokeIT Control Panel Errors

When encountering issues with your Pit Boss grill, the SmokeIT control panel may display additional error codes beyond the universal ones, offering detailed insights into the status of various components. These specific error codes such as hopper empty, auger blockage, failed igniter, and fan issues, are essential for diagnosing and resolving issues efficiently. SmokeIT control panels provide advanced features and diagnostics, aiding users in troubleshooting effectively. Here is a breakdown of some common additional error codes:

Error Code Description
Hopper Empty Indicates empty hopper
Auger Blockage Signals a blockage in the auger
Failed Igniter Points to an issue with the igniter
Fan Issues Indicates problems with the fan

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Fix My Pit Boss Error Code?

To fix my Pit Boss error code, I address temperature fluctuations by cleaning probes, ignition problems by checking hopper and rod, and noP errors by examining and cleaning meat probes. These steps resolve issues effectively.

What Does HER Code Mean on Pit Boss?

When I see the HER code on my Pit Boss, I address an overheating issue by checking wire connections, cleaning the grill, and ensuring proper fuel levels. Following these common solutions helps prevent errors.

What Do Blinking Dots on Pit Boss Mean?

When I see blinking dots on my Pit Boss grill, I understand the indicators represent various statuses. I troubleshoot using the blinking patterns to identify common issues, referencing the manual for error code meanings and reset procedures.

What Is Er2 Error on Pit Boss?

Experiencing an Er2 error on my Pit Boss due to an ignition issue causing temperature fluctuation. I resolved it by checking the ignition rod. Regular maintenance prevents grill malfunction, ensuring consistent temperature control.


To summarize, comprehending common Pit Boss error codes can help troubleshoot temperature probe issues and guarantee your grill is functioning correctly. By familiarizing yourself with codes like Er2, ErH, ErP, and Nop, you can quickly identify and resolve any problems that may arise.

Referencing the Pit Boss Error Code List PDF can provide additional guidance on universal error codes, helping you maintain peak performance of your grill.